Definition of a Co-Operative Preschool and Parent Participation

A co-operative preschool is a community of parents, children, and teachers who work together to provide a rich learning environment. Each family shares in the planning and operation of the school. Parents play an important part in the experience for the children. Under the guidance of certified preschool teachers, parents participate in the daily program on a rotating basis. In addition to working with the children, parents are also active in the day-to-day planning and running of the school. Attendance at housekeeping and fundraising events and general membership meetings are examples of a parent’s involvement in the school. Co-ops also provide family education, with workshops and seminars that provide parents with resources and parenting strategies. As a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS), Silverspot families have access to a variety of social services.

All families enrolled in the preschool are asked to work a certain number of hours a week in order to provide adequate staffing for the facility. We will maintain a minimum ratio of 1 adult to 5 children at all times. While Silverspot will have limited buy-out options for families who are unable to work in the classroom, parents are needed in running the school. Parent participation is a unique feature of a co-operative preschool and has the added benefit of reducing the cost of tuition compared to traditional day care or preschool.

Member Responsibilities

As a member of Silverspot, everyone’s active participation is needed. The primary responsibilities include:

  • Participation in a weekly workday; this may be a half day depending on your child’s schedule
  • Parents are expected to work the assigned shifts and be on time
  • Participation in school jobs, committees or the board of directors
  • The running of the school is dependent on everyone’s contributions.
  • Fundraising and housekeeping
  • As a self supporting organization, we heavily rely on donations and money from fundraisers to maintain the school. Outside services for cleaning are very costly.
  • Attendance at meetings
  • As part of co-operative, we all share in the duty of making decisions that affect out children.
  • Paying tuition, fees and fines in a timely manner

At first these tasks may seem overwhelming, but it is very managable. With everyone working together, we can accomplish everything with excellence.